Order Of The Straight Arrow

by Order Of The Straight Arrow

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We wrote some songs together in April/May/June then recorded them before Sam moved to Japan and Jamie moved to Berlin.

Recording and Mixing by Christopher Smith
Mastering and Artwork by Andrew Northrop


released May 26, 2014

Sam Knight - guitar
Andrew Northrop - bass, vocals
Jamie McDonald - drums



all rights reserved


Order Of The Straight Arrow UK

Sam Knight, Andrew Northrop, Jamie McDonald

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Track Name: Paintings
your paintings keep getting smaller
your paintings keep shrinking
cleaned the room you used to paint in
not a single drop of paint was left
you shrunk me in your mind
you shrunk me in your head
you keep me disconnected
Track Name: Television
are you watching closely?
television's become so compelling
i'm pulled in by it's arms
it pulls me close to the screen
i feel the static across my cheek
it will make me watch
until i go blind
it holds me close
it pulls me in
Track Name: The Thing
somebody here isn't what he appears to be
right now that may be one or two of us
by spring it could be all of us
if i was an imitation, a perfect imitation, then how would you know if it was really me?
they rose, changed in form
torch it, kill it with fire
the chameleon strikes in the dark
they crawled the walls with ease
we wait for the sun
they're falling out of the sky like flies
they're imitating our skin
they're falling out of the sky like flies
they masquerade in our skin; metamorphosis
Track Name: Ghost
an apparition appears
keep singing
blocks the light but casts no shadow
cold, it haunts you
i left the house in fear for a day or two
returned perplexed to find that things, things have moved
things have changed
i've seen reflections, heard movements on the floorboards
Track Name: They Live
i ought to see a lot of things
i ought to read a lot of books
i need to stop burning daylight
i ought to do a lot of things
i get bored
i get so bored
reward indifference
stay asleep
i get bored
Track Name: Petals
i rose covered in petals and leaves; i beg for rain
plant my feet into the ground to burrow down
into your water supply
you drink a part of me and become sick